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The "Why's" of Worship Lists
(dan gardner continuing from welcome page):

I have led worship services for nearly 30 years. Over the years, I have spent many hours a week in preparing for each worship service. In recent years, I have changed my “tune” somewhat on this concept of using any preplanned, prepackaged scripting. Yes, prayer and seeking God are still vitally important, but also important, is that a leader has the best resources and ideas available. That generally comes through networking with others (buying CDs, songbooks, conferences, etc). Knowing that a song list has worked in a ministry situation, which utilizes players and singers with skills level similar to yours, should bring a little more assurance to your worship planning.

The song lists offered on WorshipToonz are geared toward church and home group settings. We will share lists we have found effective, as well as those others have found successful.

A minority of those leading worship actually have full-time paid positions at a church. Some weeks you find your planning time at a high premium. These are weeks that you will find WorshipToonz a godsend. Other times, you will find them extremely helpful.

How to use these lists:

  • Use the lists as a beginning point in preparing for your worship service.
  • Use the lists to expand your worship song repertoire.
  • Modify the lists to fit your situation.
  • Use the lists as a point of reference to go to the Word and study each song’s theme and/or message. This prepares the worship leader to offer brief words of encouragement during the worship service.
  • Use these lists as a guideline for the service. Don’t let it dictate or hinder the flow of the service. Preparation actually frees up spontaneity. Your mind is a little less preoccupied.


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