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Have you been searching for quality Christian praise and worship music? How about music downloads with lead sheets fully harmonized for worship team? Have you found a weekly source for worship song list ideas, with dozens of lists available, each with audio clips and chord sheets? Have you found a Christian music site willing to link to other fine Christian worship and contemporary music sites?

Download our Gift to You during March:
I Wait On You. Click here.

Our gift to you—through the month of March—a zip file containing the complete audio and five-page pdf, Dan Gardner's I Wait On You.

worship song packages
Secure downloads of quality worship music. Each song has its own audio file, sheet music (lead sheets), lyrics & chords for guitar, and a lyrics sheet packaged in a zip file for convenient download.
NEW!! psalms & more
psalms and acclamations for liturgical worship are the newest content on worshiptoonz. This page is the current focus, and will be updated with new music periodically. Easy purchase through PayPal!
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Lead Sheets that look as good as their three-part harmony is practical—for choir or worship team. Lyrics & Chords for Guitar in keys that are easily playable, and Lyrics Sheet ready for copying.
(Preview samples here.)
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Check out the music sites in Our WebRing all from one page. Recommend a site to us when you pick up our free zip file of one of Dan's best-known songs.

quick picks worship lists
Worship Lists for all of 2010, accessible as webpages. Each list contains five to ten worship songs, each with lyrics, chords and audio clips.
our webring
Pages of links to many fine praise and worship music sites. Many music sites don't put all these great links up—you might wander off their site. But we want you to find what you're looking for, whether free music, tabs or worship lists, and we're here to help you find it.
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You can browse all previous issues of our newsletter, containing Dan Gardner's entire series of teachings, True Worshipers of God.
Easy and quick access to what you're looking for—
that's our commitment to you at WorshipToonz.


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worship lists
Dan Gardner, music minister and composer:
A number of years ago, I imagined how nice it would be to have a 1-800 number to call and receive worship song list ideas to use in leading worship services. Of course, that seems to go against the concepts of spontaneity, flow, and most importantly, that the minister of the Lord is actually seeking Him for guidance in leading people in worship, doesn't it? more...


Click HERE for T.R. Smith's album, PERSUADED, an exceptional offering by Tim and his band, the Sacred Music Boys, full of inspirational lyrics, varied musical styles, and prayerful songs. We've posted demos of each song with generous clip lengths.

free download —
worship package: i wait on you

Submit your email address below, and we'll give you the link to download a zip file of the complete Worship Package of I Wait On You. In the Worship Package you'll receive the full audio and five-page pdf, including a Lead Sheet in Eb and E transcribed from the recording, Lyrics & Chords for Guitar in C and D, and a Lyrics Sheet for your convenience—compliments of WorshipToonz.

You'll find high quality and multi-key offerings in all of the songs included in our Worship Packages from Zion Christian Church. Go to the Toonz tab for links to each of the worship song collections. Click on any one album title to go to its list of worship songs. Each has an audio clip and a preview of one of the song's lead sheets. There are a lot more Worship Packages here than the twelve possible you can receive for free over a year's time.

Once you submit your request for the Worship List, you'll be redirected to another page on our site which will give you the link to the download. If you are not redirected to a page that includes the link, email us again, stating that you didn't see the Thank You page and are requesting the download link via email, and we'll send you an email with the link.

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